Cable measurement, marking and packaging

We measure, cut and pack the cables according to customer's wishes. The first measurement and disconnection of cables is always free from one meter. Learn more!

Measurement Services

We offer the measurement and cut-off of cables and conductors (≥ 10 mm²) according to the following pricing:

1 measurement..................
2-5 measurements............
6-10 measurements.........
11-20 measurements.......
20-30 measurements.......
over 30 measurements........

 0,00 €
 6,90 €/measurement
 5,90 €/measurement
 4,90 €/measurement
 3,90 €/measurement
 ask for a quotation

The free first measurement and disconnection is valid for both factory and warehouse operations. Multiple measurements are valid only for the work we have at our warehouse and are cable specific.
When ordering, clearly indicate the desired lengths to be measured in meters.
Each tolerance for the length to be measured is ± 3%.

Get -5% of from stock cables

For cable lengths less than 50m we offer an additional discount of 5%. The discount does not apply for factory packed 50m or smaller packages/lengths.

Labeling and packaging service

We make wire and cable markings for our customers. In addition, we pack the cables and conductors accordingly to customer's wishes.

Please contact our sales for more information!